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"From the time I called to schedule my appointment with Wits Clinic until I walked out the door, I was consistently made to feel comfortable and confident. The staff here is amazing. You have made one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make, so much more comforting. Thank you so much Dr. Bismarck"

Bianca, age 19, Kempton Park”

"Your staff was very kind and considerate. They talked to me to relax me through everything. If there is anybody I know that would have to have an abortion or anything, I would recommend them to come here because of the wonderful people here. Thank you for being understanding of my situation Wits Clinic."

Sandra, age 31, Fourways JHB

"My reason for being pro-choice is that I know I can make the right choice for myself and I believe that everybody else should have that right. Wits Clinic treats women with respect and respect the choice to terminate."

Alice, age 26, Cape Town

"When I first called, they were so helpful and patient. It made me feel comfortable and positive about choosing your office. Keep up the good work and caring about my needs. Thank you Dr. Melissa."

Samantha, age 35, Soweto

"To The Doctors and staff. Thank you for your professional service I received in March. Your staff were outstanding and carried out their roles in a caring and professional manner, it’s a credit to you and your team at Wits Clinic. I just wanted to let you know how much it was appreciated."

Betty, age 36, Johannesburg

"My fiancé was in Italy for two months on business. I wanted to do something romantic for him when he got back. I planned a beautiful dinner. Everything you can think of, but that was only half of my plan. I wanted to give him the greatest sex he’s ever had. You should have seen his face last night! Wits Clinic’s products really worked and a difference in my sex life!"

Joyce, 45, Pretoria

"Finally! I didn’t want to admit there were changes after having a baby, but I had to fact it. There were. I had been doing kegel exercises for quite some time but still nothing was feeling as good as pre-baby. I bought many different creams but they didn’t seem to be helping. Shortly after using Mora, there was no question to if it helped or not. It definitely helped. Finally, sex is back to feeling as good as before. "

Joun, 35, Randburg

“I’m a 35-year-old stay home mom with a 5-yr old boy and a 3-yr old daughter. I love my children but there was a price to pay after giving births to them. My husband and I have talked about vaginal rejuvenation surgery but we can’t afford it. After months of research we finally found a solution that allows us to try it out with 100% money back guarantee. But the most important thing is that it WORKS! We cannot thank Wits Clinic enough for their genius invention.” Mora is a real deal."

Monica P, Port Elizabeth

“My husband and I having been married for 10 years, things are good but we are just not having much sex anymore. We both have done some research on how to improve our sex life and we came across Mora. It’s not like the ordinary stuff you see at stores or online, this is the real deal. Not only does it do the vaginal tightening job, sex feels much better, more intimate, and I hit climax much harder. More importantly, they truly offer customer satisfaction. They have a 60-day money back guarantee policy, I feel well protected. I suggest every couple to try it, there’s nothing to lose but everything to gain! Trust me :)”

Marie Breit, Rosebank, Johannesburg

“After being with my husband for nine years I decided I want to spice it up a little. So I have tried Mora TIGHT and it made my vagina contracted so hard I can’t do without it. This product work wonders. My husband loves it and I love it so much. Women and men have to make their love life more exciting and Mora is one way to definitely go about it.”

S.J. Brooklyn, Pretoria

"I’ve had troublesome skin since I was 12 years old. I have never been able to find a product that controls my breakouts the way that Wits Clinic products do. Most to all of my blemishes and acne were gone after a week of using the products routinely. Your skin will go through a skin purging phase for a week, but it’s just a small price to pay for never seeing acne again. BEST PRODUCTS EVER!"

Cat, 16 | Durban, KZN (May 13, 2015)

"As an acne sufferer my entire life, I’m always willing to try anything once. I have my acne under control now with the use of retinol products but I still get the occasional zit, big or small. I bought the drying lotion and let me say, I cannot live without it. I used to fear when I got a pimple it would be there for weeks, now, even huge ones are GONE within 3 days with no irritation. I had a big one pop up on my forehead last week, put this on and I swear the next day it was gone. This stuff is awesome. My go to medicine any time I get that unexpected pop up. With this stuff in my cabinet I dare a pimple to pop up. It’s awesome!!"

Karen, 41 | Johannesburg (February 17, 2016)

"I am an African-American woman with melasma brought on by menopause. It’s unsightly and makes me look my age (59) although my skin is otherwise in great shape with very few wrinkles. I have tried everything to eliminate the patches including laser resurfacing treatments from a reputable doctor practicing at a local hospital’s dermatology clinic as well as hydroquinone. Nothing has worked. I purchased this out of semi-desperation because the reviews were positive enough that I thought it might work. I’ve been using it about a month, only a few times a week as I haven’t fully incorporated it into my routine. Well that’s about to change. I was putting on makeup today when I thought to myself, “Wow, my skin looks great today.” Then it dawned on me the dark patches are significantly lighter, in fact they are almost gone. I am truly amazed at how well this has worked. I wish I had discovered it sooner but better late than never. Highly recommend."

Greer. B

"I absolutely love the Wits Clinic Skin Whitening cream and the serum. I am of Hispanic descent and have had Melasma since my first pregnancy 18 years ago!!!! I have tried Triluma, Obagi, Murad, and MaMa Lotion. The only one that worked was Obagi…yet the 4% Hydroquinone is controversial so I wanted to give my skin a break from this potentially harmful ingredient. After much research, I felt that Wits Clinic Cream was safe and contained many of the lightening ingredients I was looking for. I was right! I have seen my Melasma patches start to break up and lighten. I use the lotion every other day and it does seem to accelerate the process. As an added bonus, the cream seems to be moisturizing and the serum is not drying like other serums I have tried. I am surprisingly happy with my results. Thanks Wits Clinic!"

Lovines Diane

"When doctors warned Bongi she’d be dead in two years if she didn’t lose weight, she changed her life. After a knee injury forced her to quit work, she’d piled on 30kg in a few years and was virtually housebound. “I had to crawl on all fours to go upstairs,” she says. After joining Wits Clinic Slimming Program, Bongi swapped nightly bottles of wine, crisps and chocolate for Wits Clinic meal plans. She lost 7kg in her first two weeks and then 5kg’s every month for the next year. “I only wish I had done it 15 years ago,” says Bongi, of Fourways, Gauteng."

Before: 121.5 kg After: 68 kg Lost: 19st 53.5kg

"Wits slimming products is magic in a box. I have been on numerous diets and exercise programs to lose weight but only lost a few kg’s but with Wits Clinic I can really see a difference, I love the new person I am! Thank you Wits Clinic!!!! I can now wear sexy outfits and my love life is back on track!!!!"

Lethu | Gauteng

“For my health, I knew I needed to take control of my life. With Wits Slimming Clinic Products I saw my energy increase, I got off my high-blood-pressure medications, and I am now able to run 26kilometers without stopping. This diet did for me what surgery might do for some, but it is works much more naturally.” Wits Clinic saved my life and my health. Thank you!!! I will forever be grateful, you guys are amazing!

Florence, 28 – Johannesburg

“I was told I needed to lose over 45kgs for a knee surgical procedure. I was scared of having surgery and facing some future serious consequences. Wits Clinic’s approach and support provided me with the one thing missing in other weight loss programs-CONTROL. For the first time in my weight-loss experience, I am in control and losing weight. Thank you for a plan I can live with and remain in control of my weight and my life.” I feel confident wearing bikini’s at the beach!!!!

Rose, 23 Cape Town

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